1. Drinks and meshing of the minds with the bad ass designers for the Rock Raizer show this sat. Rachelle Briton, Ross Bennett, Amanda Fay and Megan Summerville!

  2. Brian hard at work on Rock Raizer bizzznesss!

    Brian hard at work on Rock Raizer bizzznesss!

  3. brief introduction

    Dear you,

    You may have a few questions about Rock Raizer and hopefully I can answer some of them in this first blog.

    What is Rock Raizer? This is a nonprofit organization based out of Austin Texas. We provide music scholarships to underprivileged kids. We host two fashion shows a year, our first being April 17th at Encore club on Red River rd. downtown Austin. visit rockraizer.eventbrite.com for more show details.

    Who is Rock Raizer? Well, it’s me, Julie Taylor and a great cast (the board) of people who help me breathe life into Rock Raizer. These people are: Sarah Harris, Giacomo Forbes, Karen McGuire and Anna Strauss. Also our ‘right hand man’ Brian Miller and Jenn Cvengros. The list of course can go on and on but these people are essentially the guts of RR.

    Who will benefit? Kids from the Big Brother/ Big Sister program, any foster child or child in a shelter but not limited to. We will have our site up and running in the next month with an application process and more details on this.

    All music teachers will have passed a background check that will participate in our program.

    As our first event seems to be right around the corner, so many new faces surface with new and exciting info for our cause. It’s been such a mix of emotions: inspiration, disappointment, faith, stress, happiness, excitement, etc.

    Anyhow, I plan to keep this blog as down to earth as possible, letting you in on all of the trials of this process. It’s a lot of hard work, happiness and excitement and we want to share all of it with you- the blog reader.

    stay tuned,

    Me (Julie)

  4. Sponsors & Donations

    If you would like to contribute to Rock Raizer’s cause through sponsorship or donations, please e-mail  julie@rockraizer.com or visit http://www.eventbrite.com/contact-organizer?eid=590160185 for more info



  6. "Together, we can help to free a child’s mind through music"

    - Rock Raizer
Rock Raizer will host it's inaugural non-profit event on April 17,2010.

The event will merge Austin's hottest fashion designers, hair designers, and make-up artists--with the most talented musicians in order to raise money and grant music scholarships to under-privileged children around the Austin area.

Some of the recipients of our scholarships are the children of the Big Brother Big Sister of Austin.
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